Meet the Students 2016

It’s late, but I wanted to get this post up for the Back to School Blog Hop. Karen’s student interviews inspired me again this year. I’ve used some of her prompts, changing some up at bit and adding one of my own just for fun. 🙂

Miss A


Age: 14

Grade: 9th

Favorite subject: (besides creative writing) Literature

Least favorite: Math

Something I’m good at: making things – she’s currently sewing her first dress

Looking forward to: publishing her book and going to the local Comic Con

Strengths: creative and hard-working

Weaknesses: being too critical of herself – and sometimes others

Favorite book: (or four 😉 ) God’s Smuggler and the Evenmere Chronicles

Favorite food: chocolate and Olive Garden’s house salad

You can find her: in her room or on the swing

Future plans: write more books


Mr. D


Age: almost 12

Grade: 6th

Favorite subject: robotics (First Lego League)

Least favorite: Math (because it’s difficult)

Something I’m good at: building things

Looking forward to: learning more about robotics and programming

Strengths: a great memory, creative

Weaknesses: getting going in the morning 😉

Favorite book: The New Way Things Work (we’ll be getting The Way Things Work Now ASAP!)

Favorite food: pizza

You can find him: daydreaming on the couch or fishing in the pond behind us

Future plans: wants to be an engineer


Mr. E


Age: 9

Grade: 4th

Favorite subject: Math

Least favorite: forgot to ask…

Something I’m good at: soccer and parkour

Looking forward to: the First Lego League competition

Strengths: likes to help out

Weaknesses: worries too much

Favorite book: he loves all the Little House Books 🙂

Favorite food: pizza and macaroni

You can find him: playing with friends or one of our Perplexus ball mazes

Future plans: wants to be a cook/chef


Little L


Age: 5

Grade: Kindergarten

Favorite subject: reading lessons

Least favorite: quiet time

Something I’m good at: talking 😉

Looking forward to: going to Grandma’s house again

Strengths: friendly and enthusiastic

Weaknesses: easily distracted

Favorite book: Andy and the Lion

Favorite food: pizza and macaroni (I’m seeing a trend here…)

You can find him: playing Minecraft on the tablet

Future plans: wants to be a doctor


Little R


Age: 3

Grade: Preschool

Favorite subject: story time

Least favorite: nap time

Something I’m good at: making us smile 🙂

Looking forward to: going somewhere – anywhere 😉

Strengths: the cuteness factor

Weaknesses: changing his mind – and then changing it back again – sigh

Favorite book: loves Eric Carle’s books – Pancakes, Pancakes! is read repeatedly

Favorite food: flavored yogurt for breakfast

You can find him: somewhere he shouldn’t be…

Future plans: wants to go up in space


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