Monsters, Music, and Moby Dick: 2017-2018 10th Grade Plans

It seems like each new AmblesideOnline year takes longer to plan. Sometimes I just have to sit and stare at the AO pages I printed for my binder: marking them up, shuffling things around, thinking about what’s most important and what can be set aside. That’s going to be a bit different for each family, and probably each child within that family. My plans are basically a mash-up of the Basic/Lite Version and the Detailed Version, with some of my own substitutions thrown in for good measure. 😉


Miss A will continue to read through the Bible, and this year I want to focus more on understanding and delighting in the Bible itself rather than reading theological treatises (as wonderful as those may be!). So I’m scheduling Leland Ryken’s Words of Delight over the entire year, and I hope it will be a blessing to both of us. 🙂

Church History & Worldview

I do want to have some Church Fathers and history in each high school year, so I’m using Brandy’s schedule for Eusebius during Terms 1 and 2. Then she’ll read the AO worldview recommendation, The Deadliest Monster, during Term 3. I’d also like to watch the How Should We Then Live series this year, since we haven’t done that yet.

History & Biographies

I’m happy with the Year 10 Lite history schedule, so we’ll stick with that, finishing up Churchill’s History of the English Speaking Peoples. I’m hoping to fit in four biographies this year: Presenting Miss Jane Austen, Commander in Chief: Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War (I’ve enjoyed several of Marrin’s biography/history books, so I hope it’s good), In the Days of Queen Victoria, and Up From Slavery. I’m thinking that if she finishes the Geography selection during the first two terms (which is quite doable), I may double up on biographies in Term 3 if necessary.


Miss A decided to read Dicken’s London, which I’ve had sitting on the shelf. She’s enjoyed several of his novels, and this will be a good way to sample his essays. 🙂 I bought these very detailed maps to go along with it, and her assignment will be to find at least one thing mentioned in the chapter each week. Map drill has been neglected here, so I’m going to assign it for everyone along with their math drills/games during our lighter day each week (usually Wednesday or Friday). Miss A will probably use the TapQuiz app on the iPad.

Government, Economics & Citizenship

We’ll follow the detailed AO schedule for this, except that I’ll substitute How to Read Slowly for the Gough book in Term 1 – not really a fit for this category, perhaps, but one I already have and want to read with her.

Current Events

She will continue to read WORLD Teen magazine and watch CNN 10 (which replaces their Student News).


I’ve decided to have her read all the AO selections this year, except that both Les Miserable and Moby Dick will be spread out over the whole year: Les Mis as an audiobook and Moby Dick as a read-aloud with me (that way I’ll force myself to read it, too 😉 ). She’ll probably stick to the short story and essay schedule as well, although I may have her read more Chesterton.


She will continue to do several written narrations a week, with some variety such as “compare-and-contrast”, etc. She’ll also continue to work through Brave Writer’s Help for High School and take dictation. I’m hoping to have her do the Brave Write SAT/ACT essay prep class next winter or spring.


She’ll finish up Teaching Textbooks Geometry and start Algebra II.


Miss A needs to finish up Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Physical Science, and then she will start working through Ellen McHenry’s course Mapping the Body with Art. She’ll also read from Six Easy Pieces and Microbe Hunters as scheduled by AO.

Nature Study & Conservation

She will finish Wendell Berry’s Bringing It to the Table and read Thoreau’s Walden.

Foreign Language

She will continue to practice her Latin via books like Harrius Potter et Philosophi Lapis, and continue learning French with The Learnables on Computer.


I have long had The Gift of Music sitting on my shelf, waiting for the right opportunity, so I have decided to add it to Miss A’s schedule over the next four terms or so. She will watch the Young People’s Concerts with us and continue learning to play the guitar (she’s been watching the Great Courses Learning to Play Guitar videos).

Physical Education

She has permission to continue parkour – I guess the “age limit” is flexible. She also often bikes or walks with me, often narrating to me during an evening walk. 🙂

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  1. I’ve pulled The Gift of Music off the shelf to use this year, too. My husband gave it to me on our second wedding anniversary – lovely book. My dd’s a bit younger so I’ll be reading it aloud as it does mention some unsavoury aspects of different composers lives from what I remember.

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