Scholé In Our Home: Halfway Through Term 1


It’s been a while since I did a “scholé” post, so I thought I’d share some highlights of our first half-term this school year. 🙂

Scholé of Intent: I find open-and-go books and curriculum make my job so much easier, and make it much more likely that we will actually get it done. The Memoria Press English Grammar Recitation book and Anne White’s Plutarch Primer have been great additions to our Morning Time. Having the Plutarch study guide in print makes it much easier to find our place each week (no more scrolling on my iPad and wondering where we left off 😛 ), and doing it during Morning Time has meant we get to it more consistently than when we tried to get to it in the evening. We’ve got through Lesson 5 so far – not quite “on schedule”, but better than before!


Scholé of Method: We are reading and listening our way through Shakespeare’s As You Like It, a scene at a time – currently once a week, but I will try to up that as the term goes on and we finish up other things. The eldest two each have a copy of the play to follow along in, and Mr. E and I share the one on my Kindle app. We are listening to the Arkangel recording, and there have been lots of laughs, especially from Miss A, who is probably understanding more than the other two. But the language is just beautiful to listen to, even if some of it goes over their heads (and with Shakespeare, there are usually a few parts you want to go over their heads 😉 ). The other week they laughed and laughed at the pancakes/mustard joke in Act I, Scene II, and I ended up making our favorite Irish Pancake recipe for lunch. 😀

I’m also trying to keep scholé in mind as Little L painfully sounds out (and promptly forgets) his first actual reading lessons. He finished learning the letters and their sounds last week, and now comes the difficult task of putting them together!


Scholé of Practice: There certainly have been lots of opportunities for “real-life” (for lack of a better term) learning so far this fall. Hubby took the two oldest boys on a camping trip to West Virginia with other men from our church (and a few other churches) in September. They planned it earlier in the fall this year, and it was much warmer. They are definitely creating lots of memories on these trips (and lots of laundry, but it’s worth it 😉 )

There have been nature walks and a zoo trip, too:




Mr. D enjoyed the Read-Aloud Revival Author Access event with David Macaulay. It was so neat to see where and how he works, and have him sketch his famous woolly mammoth (from The Way Things Work Now and previous editions) live on-screen.


Miss A had the opportunity to participate in a “Geek Fest” at a nearby library, and she even sewed herself a hat and dress for the occasion!


She planned and arranged her table, and manned it all day last Saturday, selling 13 books!


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