Spring & Summer 2017 Morning Time Plans

Like last year, our third term will be interspersed with vacation, VBS, and summer camp, and will probably last at least through July. And as usual, some of the books are continued from last term’s Morning Time.


Bible & Catechism: Still reading through Comforting Hearts, Teaching Minds

Memory Work:

  • Scripture: Psalm 138, a Psalm very close to my heart right now.
  • Poetry: In Time of Silver Rain by Langston Hughes. We’re also reading through his collection of children’s poems, The Dream Keeper and Other Poems
  • Shakespeare: I’ve been looking forward to memorizing “The quality of mercy is not strained” since Cindy Rollins posted it on her blog years ago. 🙂 Here’s Laura Carmichael (Lady Edith in Downton Abbey) reciting it:
  • Grammar: Continuing with Memoria Press’ English Grammar Recitation

Also hymns (to be determined 😉 ), prayer, manners, jokes…


Composer: We’ll continue the American theme we’ve had this school year with Aaron Copland.

Music Appreciation: Still loving the Young People’s Concerts – enjoyed some Debussy yesterday (happy sigh).

Folk Songs: 

Geography: Working our way through the Classical World, about to head into Albania. And maybe we’ll get to U.S. map drills this term?

Math & Astronomy: Slowly reading String, Straightedge, and Shadow: The Story of Geometry. We should finish up Find the Constellations – now to get out for some stargazing!

Shakespeare: The Merchant of Venice – we’ll start with the Leon Garfield version, and then listen to the Arkangel recording while reading along.

Picture Study: I chose to study Edward Hicks, as some of his paintings illustrate events in American history that Mr. E and Miss A have been learning about this year. 🙂

Plutarch: We’re one lesson into Marcus Cato the Censor – hopefully we can be consistent with it!

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