Winter 2018 Morning Time Plans

Term 2 is underway, and here’s what I’ve planned for our Morning Time.


Bible & Catechism: Yes, we’re still working through Comforting Hearts, Teaching Minds! 😉 And Little L is working on the First Catechism.

Memory Work: 

  • Scripture: Psalm 1 at Miss A’s request, and because we need to review past Bible passages more and could use something shorter this term.
  • Poetry: I’ve suggested they each pick their own poem to memorize. Miss A is subbing Emily Dickinson for the AmblesideOnline poet this term, and wants to memorize “Because I could not stop for Death”. Mr. L chose to learn “Buckingham Palace” by A.A. Milne. I’m not sure if the repetition of the first two lines in each stanza will make it easier or harder to memorize, but it’s fun. 🙂 We’ll read through a collection of Longfellow’s poems during Morning Time and listen to “Hiawatha” in the car (free on Librivox). Mr. E wants to memorize “Four by the Clock”, but Mr. D has yet to decide on his.
  • Instead of a Shakespeare passage, we’ll attempt to memorize the Gettysburg Address, since both Miss A and Mr. E will be learning about the Civil War this term.
  • And we’ll continue our very slow trek through MP’s English Grammar Recitation.

Other: Hymns (currently “All Glory, Laud, and Honor”), prayer, jokes, and manners.


Music Appreciation & Composer Study: We got off to a fun start in Morning Time last Monday, laughing at Mr. Bernstien and the New York Philharmonic demonstrating how not to play Haydn. 😉 I think we shall read Diane Stanley’s lovely Mozart: The Wonder Child and listen to some of his music this term.

Geography: We’re still journeying through A Child’s Geography: Explore The Classical World – we just visited Croatia, and now on to Slovenia and then Italy.

Picture Study: We will study several paintings by Vermeer this term, and started with “The Girl with the Pearl Earring” this past week. We’ll also read the short biography included in the Simply Charlotte Mason portfolio.

Shakespeare: The brief version of A Comedy of Errors in Marchette Chute’s Stories from Shakespeare had us both confused and amused. It’s probably quite hilarious on stage – anyone know of a good movie version? It’s a short play, so should be quite easy to get through reading a scene or so a week.

Plutarch: We still have a couple of weeks of Marcus Cato the Censor left, and then I guess we’ll start Philopoemen. Two “Lives” a year seems to be a good goal, as Plutarch admittedly often gets dropped for one reason or another (if I have to choose between Shakespeare and Plutarch, it’s gonna be Shakespeare. 😉 ).

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