Words and Ideas from GHC 2017

Miss A and I were grateful to be able to attend the Midwest Homeschool Convention again this year – it’s exhausting but worth it! I met some lovely ladies and went out to dinner with a couple of them on Friday night. 🙂 There were so many speakers to choose from, and so much to ponder and apply from what they said. Below are some of the words and ideas that stood out to me this year.
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Some favorites from my notes:

  • There is no contradiction between academics and arts – classical education harmonizes them. They are all important facets of our humanity. (Classical Panel: Martin Cothran, Christopher Perrin, Carol Reynolds, and Andrew Kern)
  • Savoring the true, good, and beautiful is at the heart of scholé. Learning to love something is essential to true progress. (Christopher Perrin)
  • The Gospel changes everything – it orders it. (Christopher Perrin)
  • More is not the answer – intentionality is. We can’t do everything. (Jerusha Clark)
  • Reframe: teenagers are not crazy, they are under construction – wear a hard hat! (Jerusha Clark)
  • Our temptation is to make ourselves the key to harmony in our family – it should be Christ. (Andrew Kern)
  • The goal of science is not to solve every mystery, but to wonder at those mysteries. (Martin Cothran)
  • Focus on beauty – your soul needs it and your students need it. (Classical Panel)
  • True freedom comes with love and beauty. (Anthony Esolen)
  • Poetry is the one art you can carry around with you. (Anthony Esolen)
  • Just read it together like humans and talk about it. (Anthony Esolen)
  • We go nowhere alone. Wisdom comes to us through the Body of Christ. (Christopher Perrin)
  • We have to take the Gospel news and apply it to our lives as homeschool parents. (Christopher Perrin)

And a few books I’ve purchased which were either authored by, or recommended by, one of the speakers:

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